Who we are

Sami Asikainen

CEO & Co-Founder

Riikka Tarkkanen

CXO & Co-Founder

tharindu matthew

Head of Engineering

Nathanael Montgomery

Head of Operations

Kai Färber

QA & Sourcing Manager

Jay Feldis

Hardware Engineering

Jeffrey Kazmucha


Our Story

Our team are passionate personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and CrossFitters all looking for real results. We want Carbon to be at the core of reaching your fitness, strength and mobility goals.

“I was a serial entrepreneur that started with a keen interest in health and fitness. I opened a circuit training gym in the early 2000s that grew to two locations. Soon after, I dived into technology and engineering. While sitting and programming, I developed debilitating back pain. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatments. Nothing worked. A friend recommended trying CrossFit and strength training as a potential solution. Fast forward 7 years, my back pain was gone.”
— says Sami Asikainen, CEO & co-founder of Carbon Trainer.

“When my first son was born, it became increasingly difficult to make it to the gym – and so my first home gym took shape. From racks to Peloton, I had everything. However, using a phone for programming and tracking was terrible; the whiteboard wasn't great either. I wanted something that automated what the mobile and whiteboard offered. After talking to dozens of athletes, trainers, and friends, I realized that many other people wanted the same thing.”
— says CXO & co-founder Riikka Tarkkanen.

Sami spent years in enterprise software and saw the amazing progression of AI. He thought this could be the solution to automate workout planning and tracking.

Sami and Riikka gathered a trusted team of health and technology experts to create Carbon. Together, they designed a cutting edge fitness technology solution far more advanced and practical than anything in the fitness market.

Now, they’re ready to bring their creation to you. They hope it will bring ease, automation, and continual accountability to your workout routine and usher you into a new era of fitness.

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