What kind of workouts does Carbon offer?
Why should I use Carbon?
I want to see what a workout looks like!!

Carbon Membership

Do I need a membership?
What do I get with a membership?
How many profiles can I have on a single membership?

Sensors, Weights, Tracking and Accessories

What kind of things does Carbon track?
Does it come with a heart rate monitor?
How does it keep track of calories burnt?
Does Carbon need weights to work?
Can I use my own equipment with Carbon?
How do you charge the sensors and weights?

Placing Orders

How does the 60-day trial and free returns work?
What are your shipping rates for Canada?
Do you ship globally?
Do you ship globally?
Are there discounts for Military, Veterans, Military Spouses, Teachers, First Responders &
Healthcare Workers and active Police, Fire, Nurses, Doctors, and EMT customers?
Can I switch out my weight order for lighter or heavier weights?

Installation and other technical questions

What's included with my Carbon?
How do I install my Carbon?
How much space is required?
What are the dimensions of Carbon?
What data do you store?
Does Carbon need to be wall mounted?
Does the Carbon Trainer support international voltage / power inputs?
How portable is Carbon?

difference between us and others

How is Carbon different from the Mirror?
How is Carbon different from Echelon Reflect?
How is Carbon different from Tempo

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